We built our own volume indicator for visualizing aggregated data and to introduce alert-compatibility.


This indicator also aims to provide a deeper insight into market events by using volume data.

Custom Symbol

Pick a custom symbol to use volume data of a more liquid or trustworthy exchange.


Aggregated Volume

This indicator can aggregate volume data across multiple exchanges for a deeper market insight.
You can even visualize the aggregation to show the respective volume of each exchange.


Currently supports: BTC and ETH.
Identify which exchanges (and their traders) fueled price movement. Was their share in the total aggregated volume higher/lower than previously? Pay attention to exchanges that are notorious for a lot of beginner/retail traders to make more informed decisions.

Volume Spikes

There is an inbuilt detection for volume spikes (customizable size, relative to the set moving average). The automatic detection is ideal for getting alerted whenever a breakout (in price action and/or volume ) or mass liquidation takes place.